Well-known as a hiking paradise, Reunion Island invites those who love fresh air and the great outdoors to its numerous sites and paths. You don’t have to be a champion to take advantage of them. The menu of itineraries is so varied that everyone can find something to his taste, from the Sunday stroller to the mountain runner.

We have selected three hikes for you:

Cap Noir

45 minutes by car from Saint Denis towards La Possession

Leave from the village of Dos d’Ane, nestled on the heights of La Possession, and discover Cap Noir, a promontory offering a spectacular panorama of the circus of Mafate. All along the path, a magnificent view of the River of Galets and the orange tree canalizations... If there aren’t too many clouds, you’ll be able to admire a superb view of Mafate. The walk is relatively easy, with a low grade (about a 3km loop), with secured ladder accesses.

Voile de la Mariée Waterfall

45 minutes by car from Saint Denis towards Salazie

You can see the waterfall from the road (on the left going towards Hell-Bourg or Grand Ilet), just after the village of Salazie. It falls several hundred meters into the ravine below the road. Legend has it that a tragedy too place here: Young , beautiful Amanda Armand fell in love with Henrio, but her father, a widower, didn’t want to let her go and locked her up. She managed to escape. Mr. Armand found the lovers in front of the altar at the church. The young bride ran away, but blinded by her veil, she fell into a precipice, while her veil caught on the edge. Mr. Armand cried his heart out on the bride’s veil.

La Roche écrite (The engraved rock)

30 minutes by car to the starting point of the Grand Brulé

The Roche Ecrite overlooks the circus of Mafate and its peak culminates at 2276 meters. Classified as a natural reserve, the Roche Ecrite has diverse vegetation: a forest of Cryptomerias, tree ferns, calumets, guava trees, and a forest of tamarind. The summit of the Roche Ecrite, an hour and a half’s walk from the bed and breakfast, offers a sumptuous view on the highest peaks of the island, and especially a panoramic view on the circuses of Salazie and Mafate. From the bed and breakfast to the peak, the path is volcanic rock with little vegetation. The tuit-tuit, a type of forest bird, is native to this area.